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Associations Promoting India - Korea Relations
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Growing people-to-people exchanges between India and Korea are being facilitated by a number of Korea based influential organizations. They have been growing in number. Their members represent a vast section of the Korean society including authors, artists, Buddhists, academics, businessmen and former government officials. A brief introduction of some of the leading organizations as under:

Institute of Indian Studies, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS)
Established in March 1995 as the Institute of South Asian Studies, the Institute took its present name in 2011. It undertakes and publishes studies on various facets of India (& South Asia). Since 2007 the Institute has been receiving the HK (Humanities Korea) Grant, awarded by the National Research Foundation of the Korean government. The Institute publishes the Journal of South Asian Studies, a Registered Journal of the Korean Research Foundation, three times a year.

Director:             Geun-dong Lim, Professor, HUFS
Contact:              Dr Minha Shin, Main Researcher
Tel:                       02-2173-2277

Dept. of Hindi & Dept. of Indian Studies, HUFS
The Department of Hindi at the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) was established in 1972 and the Department of Indian Studies (Global Campus) in 1984. The two departments, which annually admit 30 and 26 students respectively, play a leading role in Hindi and Indian Studies in Korea. Students of both departments take a minimum of 40 credits in Hindi and literature before graduation. Courses in Urdu and Sanskrit, as well as South Asian politics, economics, area studies, history and art are offered by Korean and Indian faculty. The departments also send a selected number of students to India yearly for the following exchange programs: - a 7+1 Fellowship which includes a semester in India; a BRICS Exchange Fellowship; a one-year Student Exchange Program at the Central Institute of Hindi in Agra (with Govt. of India support) and a Winter Intensive Exchange Program on Hindi language for three weeks at Delhi University.

Department of Hindi, Seoul Campus:
Chair:                   Hawon Ku, Assistant Professor, Major/Indian Art History & History
Tel:                        02-2173-3189
Address:              107, Imun-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul

Department of Indian Studies, Global Campus:
Chair:                    Eungu Lee, Associate Prof., Major/Hindi Lit. & Popular Culture
Address:               81, Oedae-ro, Mohyeon-myeon, Cheoin-gu,Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do
Tel:                         03-1330-4244

Department of Indian and ASEAN Studies at GSIAS, HUFS
The Graduate School of International and Area Studies (GSIAS) of HUFS was established in 1996 with the mission of cultivating international and area specialists, with field expertise and language competence in English and regional languages. Currently there are 7 MA and PhD students focusing on India.

Contact:                Professor Chanwahn Kim, Professor and Associate Dean
Address:               107, Imun-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul
Tel:                         02-2173-2448/9
Fax:                        02-2173-3369

The Korean Society for Indian Studies Inc. (KSIS)
KSIS was established in 1991, with the aim to "conduct academic research on the region of India and South Asia, as well as, current events in the area; to disseminate the results to the Korean public and academia; and contribute to cultural exchange between Korea and India." In 2002, the Society was recognized as a Private Corporation under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and took its present name. KSIS's members and associate members are dispersed across 50 universities and institutions. It organizes two regular symposia a year and holds international symposia and specialists’ forums to present its research besides publishing The Journal of Indian Studies.

President:             Professor Geun-dong Lim, HUFS
Editor, The Journal of Indian Studies:       .
Address:               Seoul Campus, 107, Imun-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul
Tel:                         02-2173-2448/9

Institute of Indian Studies Korea (IISK)
Founded in November 2013, IISK is a nonprofit organization, aiming to foster an in-depth understanding between India and Korea in various fields, such as business management, economy, society, culture, law and politics. IISK brings together scholars and experts across disciplines, with experience on India, to exchange information and help build bilateral relations.

President:             Dr Ocksoon Lee, Professor, Yonsei University
Address:                #1305 Yunik B/D, 706-13, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea 135-080
Tel:                          070-8230-5488 

Korea-India Association (KOINA)
KOINA is the Korean counterpart of the India Korea Amity Association (IKAA). It was formed on 24 July 2013 with the objective of undertaking volunteer activities in the areas of public health and medicine, promotion of trade (especially SMEs), consultation in infrastructure and environment, supporting human networks as well as the exchange of knowledge and information in diverse subjects. It consists of five sub-committees- one each on education, construction and environment, health and welfare, SMEs and Culture & Sports.

Chairman :            Hee Ku Lee (Chairman, of GEO-YOUNG Group)
President :             Jai Seong Song (Ex-Vice Minister, Ministry of Health)
Secretary-General :      Seong Min Lee (Professor, Youngdong University)
Website:        Email:
Address :               321 Seongsan-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul 120-831, Korea
Tel :                         02-3141-3222
Fax :                        02-3142-4222

Yeongwol India Forum (YIF)
An open platform, YIF was started on 24th August 2012 with the following aims: 1) holding seminars on issues related to India; 2) submitting recommendations on major policies of Korean and Indian governments; 3) Advising Korean enterprises in India and Indian enterprises in Korea; 4) organizing Indian cultural programmes and tours. The members of YIF comprises veterans and experts on India including entrepreneurs who have run companies in India, government officials and diplomats, cultural and commercial attaches, scholars majoring in Indian area studies, media etc.

President:             Mr. Kim Kwang-ro (ex-CEO of LG Electronics India)
Secretary:              Prof. Baek Jwaheum of Gyeongsang National University
Address:                Indian Art Museum in Yeongwol, 899-6 Songhak Jucheon-ro, Jucheon-myeon,
                                Youngwol-gun, Gangwon-do
Tel:                          033-375-2883

Korea - India Society
The Korea - India Society was founded in February 1966 by Mr. Kim Yu-taek who was the first deputy prime minister of the Economic Planning Board. The Society consisted of about 50 distinguished members including ministers, business leaders, journalists, and politicians. Korea-India Society aims to promote all round relations between Korea and India.

President:              Dr. Thok-kyu Limb
Address:                9th Floor Samduck Bldg., 131 Da-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul
                                Korea 100-180
Tel:                          02-777-3370
Fax:                         02-773-8862

Indian Chamber of Commerce Korea (ICCK)
Established in 2011, ICCK is a non-political, not for profit organization, of Korean and Indian businesses, desirous of enhancing economic and cultural links between the two countries. As a representative of the industry, ICCK also performs the role of a facilitator and trouble shooter, working closely with the Embassy of India, Seoul. It holds regular talks and symposiums to deepen awareness on a variety of policy, political and economic issues.

Chairman:             Mr. Shashi Maudgal, President of Novelis Asia
Secretary General:  Kook Hyun (Edward) Chang  
Email :          
Tel :                         02-776-1583
Fax:                         02-776-1584
Address:                13F, Daewoo Foundation BLDG. 526, Namdaemun-ro,
                                 5-ga, Jung-gu,Seoul

Tagore Society of Korea
The Tagore Society of Korea was established in April 1981 to promote the ideals that Rabindranath Tagore stood for. The Society comprises poets, writers, artists and scholars devoted to the exchange and study of culture and the arts between India and Korea. It publishes annual volumes on Korean-Indian Literature and Korean-Indian Culture written by both Indian and Korean scholars.

President:              Padma Shree Dr. Kim Yang-shik
Address:                 2F, Gwanglim Building, 35 2gil, Seochojoongang-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul 137-866
Tel:                           02-585-2175

Indian Art Museum
The Indian Art Museum houses articles and artifacts related to everyday life in India, religion and culture, collected from across the country by Padma Shree Dr. Kim Yang-shik. The museum has a permanent exhibition room, a temporary exhibition room and a children’s room for activity based learning about India.

Address:                 Kwang Lim B/D, 35, 2gil Jungang-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul
Tel:                           02-585-2185
Fax:                          02-585-2176

Central Karak Clan Society
The Central Karak Clan Society of Korea (established as a corporate body in December of 1967) has been committed to the protection and preservation of cultural heritage from the Karak Kingdom, an ancient Korean kingdom founded by King Kim Suro. Princess Suriratna from Ayodhya (India) had traveled to Korea in 0048 AD and had married the King. 7 million Koreans, representing the Kimhae Kim Clan, Hur Clan and Incheon Yi Clan, trace their ancestry to the royal union. The Society undertakes regular activities in Korea and Ayodhya to honor their ancestors.

President:               Mr. Kim Ki-jae
Address:                 Karak Center, 6-6, Singongduek-dong, Mapo-gu,Seoul 121-851
Tel:                           02-714-7459
Fax:                          02-715-7862

Indians in Korea (IIK)
IIK is one of the largest and most diverse Indian community groups in Korea that is meant to bring Indians in Korea under one umbrella, to give them a sense of belonging. It hosts a number of meetings, forums, cultural and social activities around the year. IIK also helps members of Indian community to meet and make friends.

President:               Mr. Dwarkaprasad Dayama
Tel:                           010-74740383

IIT Alumni Association, Korea (IITAAK)

IITAAK (Pan IIT Chapter of Korea) is a dynamic group of IIT graduates (IITian) living and working in the Republic of Korea. Our purpose is to bring together IITians in Korea by providing them a platform for exchange of ideas and by arranging a series of interesting events of various flavors.

Office Bearers:

Mr. Pankaj Agarwal (President),

Mr. Subhojit Chakladar (VP, PR),

Mr. Jalaj Jain (VP, Finance),

Mr. Vishnu Vardhan (VP, Events)

Mr. Pawan Nagwani (VP, Operations)


Tel: 010-3361-2710


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