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Waiver Programme for Unregistered Foreigners
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Korean National Police Agency (KNPA) has advised the Embassy of India that in order to ensure safety and to protect human rights of unregistered foreigners residing in Korea they have introduced Notification Waiver Programme for Unregistered Foreigners in March 2013.  

2.         As per the Notification Waiver Programme, unregistered foreigners can also report crimes being committed against them to the police without apprehensions that a Police inspector will report him/her to the immigration authorities.

3.        Crimes subject to this programme fall under following categories:-

i)      Offences under the Criminal Act - Murder, inflicting bodily injury and violence, bodily injury and death by negligence, abandonment and maltreatment, false arrest and illegal confinement, intimidation, kidnapping, abduction and trafficking in persons, rape and indecent conduct, obstructing another from exercising his/her right, larceny and robbery, fraud and extortion.

ii)        Offences under Special Acts - Act on Special Cases Concerning the Punishment of Specific Violent Crimes, Act on Special Cases Concerning the Punishment, etc. of Sexual Crimes, Act on Special Cases Concerning the Settlement of Traffic Accidents, Act on the Punishment of Acts of Arranging Sexual Traffic, Employment Security Act etc.

4.        The programme is not applied if i) the case is a simple civil case such as a dispute over unpaid wage ii) the victim falsely reports criminal damage to the police iii) the case is a fight in which the victim is also an involved offender.

5.       Korean Police Authorities can be reached i) On internet ii) by calling 182 iii) by visiting a police station (Civil Services Centre) for help.

6.       However, Indian Embassy strongly advises Indian nationals to ensure that their stay in Korea is legal to derive the complete benefits of legal protection that may be available to a foreign national.

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