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 01 June, 2013 | 13:51 IST
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Advisory on situation in South Korea

April 01, 2013

Advisory on situation in South Korea


           A number of queries have been received from Indian nationals in South Korea and back home, about the situation in South Korea. 

2.        The Embassy of India has been monitoring the developments closely and on a real-time basis.  From all available indications, there is little likelihood of any imminent or active hostilities breaking out on the Korean peninsula. 

3.        As of now everything is normal. Government offices, financial institutions, airlines, hospitality industry, businesses, schools and colleges, as well as, foreign missions are functioning smoothly, as usual. 

4.        All personnel of the Embassy of India and their family members are in place in Seoul, leading a normal life and following their regular routine. 

5.        All the same, should there be any adverse development; the Embassy will immediately alert the community telephonically and / or electronically. Contact particulars of key members of the Indian community, across the country, have already been updated by the Embassy.  They are also advised to check the Embassy’s website regularly. 

6.        The Embassy of India takes this opportunity of conveying its best wishes to all members of the Indian community.



1 April 2013