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Know Rajasthan Program [Events]
December 11, 2012
Official visit of Defense Minister Kim, Kwan-Jim to India [Press Release]
December 05, 2012
India eases visa norms - Restriction of two month gap between visits to India removed for Korean nationals [Press Release]
December 05, 2012
India's Finance Minister Visits the Republic of Korea [Press Release]
November 03, 2012
India Opens a Defence Wing in its Embassy in Seoul [Press Release]
November 01, 2012
The 11th Korea-India Dialogue - Deepening Partnership for 21st Century [Press Release]
October 18, 2012
Celebration of 66th Indian Independence Day in Seoul [Press Release]
August 15, 2012
First Ever Visit of IFS Probationary Officers to South Korea [Press Release]
July 25, 2012
Bilateral Agreement on Transfer of Sentenced Persons comes into force [Press Release]
July 25, 2012
Goodwill visit of Indian Naval Ships to South Korea (Busan) [Press Release]
July 25, 2012
Statement by Prime Minister at the Plenary of the Nuclear Security Summit [Events]
March 27, 2012
Address by PM to Korean CEOs during his visit to Republic of Korea [Events]
March 26, 2012
Media Briefing by Secretary (East) on Prime Minister’s ongoing visit to Republic of Korea [Events]
March 25, 2012
PM’s Official Visit to the Republic of Korea [Events]
March 25, 2012
India - Republic of Korea Joint Statement: Deepening the Strategic Partnership [Press Release]
March 25, 2012
PM’s statement prior to his departure for the Republic of Korea [Press Release]
March 23, 2012
Ambassador's Article on Economic Times [Events]
March 22, 2012
Visit of Prime Minister to Republic of Korea [Events]
March 19, 2012
Grand Finale of the Festival of India in South Korea [Events]
March 06, 2012
India and South Korea hold Foreign Office Consultations [Press Release]
February 29, 2012
Indian Film Festival in South Korea [Events]
February 24, 2012
Foreign Coaches required for training Indian Olympic Team [Press Release]
February 22, 2012
Invitation to Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) to participate in Know India Programme (KIP) [Press Release]
February 20, 2012
Letter to Indian students [Press Release]
February 13, 2012
Indian Classical (Odissi) dance recital by Ms. Kavita Dwibedi in Korea [Press Release]
February 11, 2012